Black And White Birthday Cakes

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Black And White Birthday Cakes

Black and white birthday cakes are getting more and more popular nowadays and there are a lot of different designs and patterns available to your selection. You may also design your own cake using your own creativity for its uniqueness.

Black And White Birthday Cake Designs

A birthday party is a great way for family and friends to get together to celebrate and have fun. The birthday cake is a big part of the traditional birthday celebration. Many parties are now planned around a specific theme or colour combination, so the cake should incorporate those themes and colours. Black and white cakes can be sophisticated and elegant or fun and kid-friendly.

Black And White Birthday Cake

A zebra cake would suit a zoo-themed children’s party. Bake your birthday cake in a zebra- or horse-shaped sheet cake pan and then use black and white icing with cake decorating bags and tips. You may want to use a photo of a zebra as a guide when decorating. Pieces of black liquorice can be inserted into the zebra’s head for a mane.

Black And White Birthday Cakes Designs

A cake featuring a contemporary shoe or purse is perfect for a girl or woman who loves to shop. Novice bakers may want to consult a professional bakery to create this kind of cake. A fashionista or diva cake could be iced in white decorated with black zebra stripes made of icing or fondant. The bakery can make a shoe or purse to look like the preferred brand of the birthday girl to sit on top of the cake. Decorative accents, like faux crystals, can also make the cake more appealing. Another idea is to have the entire cake made in the shape of a black and white purse.

Black & White Birthday Cakes

Create an unforgettable cake for a wedding using shimmering white fondant, black embellishments and silver. Cover the tiers of the cake in white fondant and airbrush with pearl dust. Use butter cream frosting to form intricate black scroll work on the entire cake. Once you have completed the fine details, make a silver fondant bow. Wrap the bow around the centre of the cake, allowing the ribbon to drape over the bottom tiers. Add edible silver cake jewellery or silver snowflakes to complete it.

Black And White Birthday Cakes

There are a variety of cakes appropriate for men that use a mostly black and white colour scheme. Draw inspiration from activities and interests of the man. A gamer would enjoy a black cake decorated to look like a game console and controller. A race fan could have a cake decorated like a black-and-white checkered flag with a race car and other racing decor on top. Three-dimensional cakes can be made in a variety of shapes, from soccer balls to “Star Wars” storm troopers.

Black And White Cake Designs

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