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Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Birthday cake made of ice-cream is certainly attractive to most people especially ice-cream lovers. There are various types of ice-cream birthday cake and choosing or making one will mostly depend on your preferences and liking. Some examples include the rolled ice-cream cake, ice-cream sandwich cake, as well as the soft-serve ice-cream cake.

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Ice cream cakes are a perennial favourite, as they combine two wonderful desserts into one mixed-texture creation. Ice cream cakes can be labour intensive, but they don’t have to be. Using simple time-saving techniques, homemade ice cream cakes can be cheaper and less time-consuming than traditional cakes.

Ice Cream Birthday Cakes

For cake lovers out there, ice cream cakes can include layers of traditional cake. Simply bake a devil’s food cake – either homemade or according to package directions – and add softened ice cream between the layers. Ice cream cakes are traditionally iced with a thick whipped cream rather than confectioner’s sugar icing. For extra pizzazz, melt semi-sweet chocolate chips and paraffin in a pan on the stovetop. Once melted, drizzle this mixture between layers or over the top. This can make a beautiful topper icing, but is also nice because of the crunchy texture it contributes to the cake.

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A rolled ice cream cake is made by baking cake in a jelly roll pan to create a thin, rectangular cake. The cake is gently rolled up into a tube while it is still warm and then unrolled and allowed to cool completely. This will make the cake easier to roll and prevent crumbling or breaking. Once the cake is cool, spread softened ice cream over the entire surface of the cake. Extra flavour and decoration may be added by sprinkling chopped nuts, chocolate chips, candies or coloured sprinkles on the ice cream. Roll the cake up again and freeze it for approximately six hours or overnight before serving. When a rolled ice cream cake is cut into slices, each slice will feature a spiral pattern of cake and ice cream.

Birthday Cake Ice Cream

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Ice cream sandwich cakes are simple to make because they do not need to be decorated. A layer of ice cream is sandwiched between two cakes for a simple and delicious presentation. While you can spread the ice cream directly onto the cake, forming the ice cream in a cake pan will ensure that the ice cream layer has a uniform thickness on your cake. After baking your cakes and removing them from the pans, clean one of the pans and line the bottom and sides with plastic cling wrap. Pour softened ice cream into the pan and smooth the surface of the ice cream with a spoon until it is flat. Freeze the ice cream for several hours until it is firm to the touch. Pull the ice cream out of the pan by lifting the sides of the cling wrap and place it on the bottom layer of cake. Add the top layer and your ice cream sandwich cake is ready to serve.

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Soft-serve ice cream can replace icing to create an ice cream cake, but keeping soft-serve ice cream at a spreadable consistency at home is not easy. Instead, allow 2 quarts of ice cream to soften and then place the ice cream in a chilled mixing bowl. Whip the ice cream with chilled beaters until it starts to become light and fluffy. If the ice cream becomes runny at any point, pop it back into the freezer for a few minutes. This whipped ice cream can be used just like buttercream frosting, but you may have to place the cake back in the freezer several times while decorating to prevent the ice cream from melting. Two quarts of ice cream will provide enough icing for a double-layer 8-inch or 9-inch cake.

Ice Cream Birthday Cake

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