Birthday Cake Flowers

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Birthday Cake Flowers

Birthday cake flowers are an attractive art in cake decoration for various events and occasions. Various choices are available for selection and it all depends on your preferences and likings.

Birthday Cake Flowers

Wish a loved one a happy birthday with a flower birthday cake. Flowers can be made out of buttercream icing or fondant, or you can just buy sugar flower decorations to adorn the cake. Cakes can also be adorned with fresh or silk flowers. There are also flower-shaped cake pans that can be bought.

Birthday Cake And Flowers

Sheet cakes can be decorated with flower borders or a bunch of roses can be added to each corner. Using icing create two inch squares around the top border of the cake. In the centre write Happy Birthday. Place a different type flower in each square. Another possibility is to randomly place drop flowers on the cake using a large star tip. Add small leafs to the flowers. A round cake looks stunning if decorated with roses made of buttercream icing. For a dramatic look use the same colour roses or for a bright, spring look use various colours. Decorate a basket of flowers on a round cake. Create the basket by making several evenly spaced vertical lines using a large tip and brown icing. Next make horizontal lines, skipping every other vertical line to create weaved look. Add a handle to the basket. Fill in the top of the basket with daisies, roses, daffodils or sunflowers.

Birthday Cake Of Flowers

Flower shaped cake pans can be purchased from most craft stores. The pans come with detailed directions on how to decorate the flower. Some cake decorating experience may be required to follow the directions and special tips will be needed. Experienced decorators may want to be creative and decorate the flower cakes in various ways. Common pans are the wildflower and the flower power, which creates a daisy like flower. It is also possible to make fondant icing in the pan and then carefully lay the design over a round or square cake.

Birthday Cake With Flowers

You may also try decorating a cake by creating vines. Whether you use a naturally vining flower, such as a rose, or you create a vine with other flowers, this is a simple technique. Start the vine at the top of the cake and wind it down by draping the vining flowers over the cake, gently pressing them into the frosting until they stick. You can create a straight or curved vine. A curved vine is a good option when you have a large cake with several tiers. Use fresh flowers that have plenty of leaves and foliage to create the vine effect.

Birthday Cakes With Flowers

An elegant looking cake can be made by completely covering each frosted tier with flowers. To create a classic look, use the same type and colour of flower all over the cake, such as pink roses. For example, use fresh rose buds and cut the stems so only about an inch remains. Stick the stems into the cake and create rows so the roses are flush with each other. Alternately, you could choose a different colour or type of flower for each layer.

Birthday Flower Cakes

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