Birthday Cake Decorating

Birthday Cakes

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Birthday Cake Decorating

Birthday cake decorating is considered one of the most important activities when creating a birthday cake. There are many different ways to decorating a birthday cake and you can make use of your own creativity. Some good examples include the fruit décor, as well as the flower décor.

Birthday Cakes Decorations

A birthday cake, the traditional celebration dessert, need not be elaborate or difficult to make. With a few icing supplies, readily available in the baking aisle of most supermarkets, and different-coloured icings, you can decorate a cake with minimum effort. By choosing simple design elements, a personalized birthday cake becomes doable for even a beginner baker.

Decorating Birthday Cakes

A birthday cake is a food craft, and as such, it needs a sturdy foundation. You may make your cake any size or as many layers as you like, but a single-layer sheet cake is simple and provides a flat surface on which to decorate. Choose something that represents the cake recipient or his interests. This can be a hobby, his career or just a favourite colour. For instance, if the birthday boy is a golfer, you might choose to make the cake resemble a fairway by choosing green bay’s icing and adding golf-related design elements purchased at a hobby store.

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

Fresh fruit is delicious and a feast for the eyes. You can add fruit to a birthday cake in a variety of ways. One idea is to use white frosting and add a variety of jewel-toned fruits to the top, like strawberries, kiwi, blueberries and pineapple. Fruit can even be used to hold a candle; insert a small birthday candle into the hollow parts of a raspberry or into a small hole cut into a strawberry.

Birthday Cake Decorating

Flowers are a very simple way to add colour and interest to a cake. Fresh flowers are fragrant and simple; add them to the cake immediately before serving to ensure that they look fresh. Artificial flowers are another option that will hold up to transportation and leave behind no flavour or pollen, which is important for guests with allergies. Silk or fabric flowers are readily available at craft stores and look very natural.

Birthday Cake Decorations

Candy, photographs and small toys are also fun decorations. Colourful candies such as candy corn or jelly beans add a fun look and pack a sweet punch for a child’s cake. For a landmark birthday such as a 60th birthday, place small photos of the birthday girl throughout the ages on florist cardholders, then stick these into the cake. Mini cupcakes in a complementary flavour are unique accents; arrange each cupcake so that it will sit on top of a slice of cake once the cake is cut and served.

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