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Ben 10 Birthday Cake

Ben 10 is a rather popular cartoon characters among the kids nowadays. Ben 10 birthday cake is a nice present for those kids who love this character. There are various designs and patterns for this kind of cake such as the Ben 10 shape cake and the Ben 10 cupcake.

Ben 10 Birthday Cake

Ben 10 is an animated children’s show on the Cartoon Network. Most children will be excited to attend a Ben 10 birthday party, and will particularly look forward to the birthday cake. Though cakes have been part of celebrations for centuries, the confections are now as much a decorative element as balloons and streamers. The advent of the Wilton Method in the early 20th century, with its use of Wilton specialty cake pans and buttercream frosting, helped propel cake decorating into the mainstream. Today, making a creatively decorated birthday cake is within even a novice baker’s reach.

Ben 10 Birthday Cakes

The two most common shapes for birthday cakes are round or rectangular. If you choose a round shape, you may want to decorate the cake to resemble the Omnitrix, which is the device that enables young Ben to transform into one of ten alien heroes each with his own super power. If you choose a rectangular sheet cake, try printing a Ben 10 image using edible ink cartridges and frosting sheets. Simply follow the printing instructions and place the printed frosting sheet onto your cake. The image will absorb into the frosting of your cake.

Ben 10 Birthday Cake Ideas

You can also use frosting to create a Ben 10 look for your child’s birthday cake. This popular cartoon’s logo uses green, yellow, black and white, and you will find Ben 10 party supplies in these colors. Matching the frosting on the cake with other decorations will enhance your cake’s Ben 10 appeal. Try frosting the cake green and use black and white accent colors. If chocolate frosting is preferred, use green and white accent colors.

Ben 10 Birthday Party

Another option for decorating any shape cake is using cake toppers. There are two options for cake toppers. You can purchase traditional Ben 10 cake toppers from your local bakery or party supply store or you can use actual toys. Select a 4-inch Ben action figure and 2 to 3 Ben 10 Alien Heroes to set atop your Ben 10 birthday cake. While selecting traditional cake toppers is less expensive, using real Ben 10 action figures as cake toppers is a fun way to present a gift to your child.

Ben 10 Birthday

Ben 10 cupcake is another option you can go for. The most prominent themes of “Ben 10” are the Omnitrix device, aliens, and the main character himself. If you choose to decorate your cupcakes with images from the show, do so by decorating your cupcakes with the Omnitrix and various aliens. The main colours associated with “Ben 10” are lime green, white, and black. The main character wears a white shirt with a black stripe and green trousers. His Omnitrix device is black and white, and the light which emulates from his Omnitrix is a bright green colour. To decorate “Ben 10” cupcakes, use white, black, and lime green icing as the base colours, in order to stay in theme with the show.

Ben Ten Birthday Cakes

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