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Batman Birthday Cake

Batman birthday cake is a great present for kids who love superheroes. Various ideas can be used for this kind of cake and some examples include the bat sign, Batman classic image cake, and also the scene from the animations of movies.

Batman Birthday Cake Toppers

A cool cake is an essential component of a successful birthday party for kids. If you are having a Batman-themed party, or if Batman is simply the birthday boy or girl’s favourite comic book hero, then consider some decorating ideas to make your homemade cake a hit.

Batman Birthday Cakes

Batman’s sign–a black bat with its wings spread, silhouetted against a yellow background–is instantly recognizable and visually striking. This is probably the easiest design to use for a cake, but it doesn’t have to be dull. You can simply use black and yellow frosting to make the image, or you can use candy pieces. Use chocolate chips for the bat and yellow M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces for the yellow background. If the Batman cake is for a Halloween party, you could use candy corn for the yellow areas.

Batman Birthday Cake Ideas

You can turn the cake into Batman’s Bat Mobile. Make a rectangular cake and cut it into the basic shape of a sports car with a pointed front end. Make the cake look like the top of a car by using different colours of frosting or, if you can find them, flat sheets of black liquorice. Add four wheels, two to each side, using chocolate cream cookies or chocolate mint candies.

If you feel confident that you can render Batman’s classic image in frosting, then go for it. Print out a standard image of the character to refer to while you work. For a fun birthday message, draw a speech bubble coming from Batman’s mouth, and have Batman wishing the birthday girl a happy birthday.

Batman Birthday Cake

Make a sheet or round cake with plenty of surface area. Then stop by the local toy or comic book store and pick up some small Batman action figures, including villains. Decorate the cake to look like an alley in Gotham City and arrange the action figures on the cake to look like Batman is confronting the villains just like in the comic books. After the cake is long gone the action figures will still be a hit with the kids and a reminder to you of a job well done.

Batman Birthday Cakes Ideas
Many local bakeries have books with pictures for various cake designs. Some designs even come with their own packages of shaped candles and other accessories. If you have more than one bakery in your area, stop by several and thumb through their catalogues to see what sort of cakes they offer. Oftentimes you can have them change a few details to customize the cake however you might want it to look.

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