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Baseball Birthday Cake

For kids who love baseball, the baseball birthday cake is the best choice for them. Various ideas can be used when creating this kind of cake and some popular examples include the baseball cap cake, baseball diamond cake, as well as the baseball uniform cake.

For the little boy or girl who loves nothing more than an afternoon at the ball park, a baseball-themed cake is ideal for a birthday. You have several options when it comes to decorating a baseball cake. Whether you create a baseball field or a baseball uniform, the little ball player in your life will be thrilled with a cake that expresses his passion for the sport.

Decorate the cake with a giant baseball diamond. Create a baseball diamond on a traditional square sheet cake using frosting that has been coloured light brown with food colouring, or use crushed graham crackers to give a more realistic look of dirt. Add white icing in the appropriate areas to act as the bases. Make the cake in the shape of a baseball diamond easily do by cutting the corners off a sheet cake. Frost the sides of the cake with green-coloured frosting to represent grass.

Although you could draw little baseball players onto the cake, if you are not that skilled with cake decorating it is easier to add plastic figurine. At least one figurine should be holding a bat, ready to hit. Add the figurines to your baseball diamond cake, putting one at each base. If you can find a whole baseball team, use them for the cake, then rinse off and give to your child to keep and play with.

Create a cake with the jersey of the birthday girl’s favourite player or favourite team on it. A baseball jersey is fairly simple to make an on square cake. Cover it with white frosting and draw the stripes with a gel icing. Use the same icing to add the name and number on the jersey as well. Instead of the team or favourite player, use the name of the child whose birthday it is. Another idea is a baseball hat cake. You can find baseball hat cake moulds at specialty kitchen stores. Copy the hat of the favourite team as best as you can, but add the first initial of the celebrant’s name on the hat in chocolate-coated candy.

Make a circle shaped cake into a baseball by adding white frosting and red gel icing to create the lines on the baseball. If you want a more raised, 3D look to the cake, use the mould you used to create the baseball hat and just fill in the dome part. The cake will look more like it is halfway in the ground and halfway exposed. Add the name and birthday message if it fits in red as well to keep with the baseball look. Create a baseball glove cake by carving square or rectangle cakes to look like the finger and thumb inside a glove. Cover with dark brown icing and line the glove with black gel icing.

Bake cakes in two different-sized half-sphere-shaped cake pans lined with parchment paper. Allow the cakes to cool completely on a wire rack and then invert both cakes onto a large flat serving surface. Place both cakes next to each other to resemble a baseball cap (the larger cake being the cap and the smaller cake being the bill of the cap). Use colours of the birthday person’s favourite baseball team for the frosting and frost the cakes to look like a baseball cap. Add the person’s name to the back of the cake if desired.

Bake a sheet cake and cut it to a square shape after it has cooled. Use the portion of cake removed to create a pointed side of the cake so that it resembles a home plate. Frost the cake with a white frosting and dust graham cracker crumbs over it lightly to make it appear dirty. Bake a second cake using a baseball glove cake pan. After the cake has cooled, invert it onto the centre of the home plate cake. Frost the baseball glove cake with brown frosting and outline the details of the glove with black piped frosting.

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