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Barney Birthday Cake

Barney is perhaps one of the popular and favourite characters among children nowadays. Having a Barney birthday cake for a Barney-themed birthday party is indeed very nice as it helps to enhance overall mood of the party and the children will definitely love it.

A Barney birthday cake is a cool and memorable way to celebrate your child’s birthday. You can purchase a creative and delicious cake from your local bakery or create one yourself. If you go to a bakery, just bring a picture or drawings of how you want the cake to look.

A stackable cake of two or more layers can feature different colours of the show’s main characters. If you design a cake with three layers, one layer can be purple, another green and the last one yellow. The purple layer can be decorated with different Barney expressions. The green and yellow layers can be done the same way for the characters Baby Bop and BJ. Each layer also can have a word for the birthday greeting.

Homemade cakes from cake mixes or from scratch can have a professional look. Purchase any additional icing for colour. If you’re designing the top of the cake with a giant Barney face, for example, use purple icing for the face, white icing for teeth and eyes, black icing for “shadow” effects, and pink icing for the tongue. Decorate a cake from a cake mix with Barney and other party figurines, such as balloons and streamers. You can purchase Barney figurines at party favour or toy stores.

A Barney cupcake mosaic is a great option for a birthday party with many guests. Place the cupcakes together in the shape of Barney’s head and apply all desired icing colours to the design. You also can place the cupcakes in a square, circle or any desired geometric design to create a Barney scene that includes all Barney characters.

Making a Barney cake from scratch is not really a difficult task provided that prior preparations are carried out. Bake a round or sheet cake in a flavour your child will love. You can also colour the cake purple with food colouring, if desired. Find a Barney photo or picture you like, such as those from colouring books, story books or from one of the many websites. Enlarge it on a copy machine, if necessary. Cut out Barney and trace around the picture on a dry cake with a toothpick.

Divide white frosting into three bowls, one for colouring purple, one for green, and the remainder of the white, and use a spatula or the star tip on a cake frosting tool to fill in Barney’s body — purple and green for the body, white for the mouth and eyes. Outline Barney with black liquorice and use yellow candies or jelly beans for toes.

To make a Barney-shaped cake, start with a rectangular cake and a picture of Barney, then cut away any remaining cake after you’ve traced the pattern onto the dry cake. Use the cut-away cake pieces to build up the nose, face, arms and feet, gluing with frosting. If you’re artistic, try “painting” the Barney figure on the cake freehand with a frosting tip. You can add trees, sun, flowers and the child’s name in different colours of frosting.

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