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Baby First Birthday Cakes

First birthday is one of most important milestones in a child’s life. Baby first birthday cake is a must-have when it comes to this kind of party. Various ideas are readily available for creating the cake and some of the common ideas are themed cake, photo cake, as well as the cupcakes.

One of the most memorable photo opportunities from your baby’s first birthday party will be the moment when the baby digs into a piece of cake. Make a cake that fits with the chosen theme and overall look of the birthday party while keeping your baby’s nutritional limitations in mind.

Decorate the baby’s birthday cake to fit with the birthday party theme. One method is to cut a sheet cake into a specific shape. For example, if the party has a race car theme, cut off the top corners of the cake to give it the shape of a car. Use the parts you cut off to add wheels to the bottom of the cake. Use a collared icing on the car and a contrasting colour in a pastry bag to outline the windows and write the child’s name on the car. For a girl’s princess-themed party, cut a round cake into the shape of a crown and decorate it with yellow icing and brightly coloured candies.

When having a party with many children or guests, cupcakes will make eating simpler because the children can hold their own cupcakes and do not need to use a plate and fork. Decorate and arrange cupcakes creatively. One idea is to arrange them into the shape of a number “1” on the table. Another idea is to decorate each cupcake with a different colour of icing and arrange them into a long caterpillar shape. Add liquorice antennae and eyes to the caterpillar at the front.

If you are concerned about feeding your baby too much sugar in the cake, choose a healthier recipe. Instead of a cake recipe, use a muffin recipe that includes zucchini or bananas. Carrot cakes and applesauce cakes are also options. You can also reduce the amount of sugar in any cake recipe. For the frosting, make your own lightly sweetened whipped cream out of heavy cream with about 1 tbsp. of sugar per cup of cream.

If your one year old has a favourite cartoon character yet, then you may choose to bake your baby’s first birthday cake in the shape of that character. Though your baby might not be able to tell it out as to what his/her desirable cartoon character is, he/she may express wild excitement on seeing the character that will help you decide.

Another interesting idea for the first birthday cake is to put your baby’s picture in the form of an icing on top of the cake. Preparing this sort of cake at home might need a lot of research and will turn out to be cumbersome. If you do not have sufficient information or resources to prepare this cake, then you could always place an order for this kind of cake from a reputed bakery. The photo can be pasted on specifically shaped cakes or on just on square or rectangle shaped cake.

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