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Alice In Wonderland Birthday Cake

Alice in Wonderland can be a very exciting theme for a child’s birthday party. Of course, when it comes to cake for the party, the Alice in Wonderland birthday cake will definitely come to the mind. Various ideas can be used for the cake and perhaps you can also make use of the memorable scenes in the story.

A child’s birthday can be fun yet taxing to plan. Everyone loves a theme, but no one wants to repeat a party theme or throw a boring party. Classic stories, such as Alice in Wonderland, can be great themes for a child’s party. Putting a new spin on an old classic will have people talking. Certainly, for an Alice in Wonderland party theme, you will need an Alice in Wonderland birthday cake. It is a must have for any Alice in Wonderland birthday party.

One of the most memorable scenes in the story of Alice in Wonderland is Alice’s encounter with the Mad Hatter at the Mad Tea Party. To create this scene, begin with a basic sheet cake covered in patchwork patterned fondant sheets. To create the pattern fondant, use a square fondant cutter and cut out approximately 50 uniform squares of fondant in various colours. Once all the squares have been cut, place the squares side-by-side in alternating rows of colours to form a sheet of fondant. As you place the squares, keep in mind that the fondant should be large enough to cover your sheet cake in both length and width. Use a fondant roller to blend the squares together and make one uniform sheet.

One of Wilton’s standard-shaped cake pans is the book cake pan. This pan creates a cake that is shaped like an open book. Using the base shape of the cake, recreate a copy of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Use inkjet printable shrink plastic to create illustrations for the book that can be placed on top of the frosting as cake toppers.

Recreate the White Rabbit’s stopwatch by baking two basic round cakes. With icing sandwiched between the two cakes, place the cakes together and cover with yellow frosting. Roll out a sheet of white fondant and cut out a circle that is one inch smaller than the circumference of the cake. Place the white circle on top of the yellow frosted cake and, using black writing gel, write the clock numbers on the white fondant. Craft the clock dials out of black fondant and place on top of the white fondant so the dials are pointing to a number significant to the recipient of the cake.

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